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Our  practice is pleased to provide one of the most advanced treatments in clear aligner technology that is on the market today.  Invisalign is an innovative product from Align Technology, a leader in clear orthodontic aligners . Many patients have heard, read or seen advertisements about Invisalign. The ability to wear clear aligners over conventional orthodontic bands has become very popular and a requested form of treatment to correct their smile. Your initial visit is complimentary and allows us to discuss what concerns you may have regarding your smile, and the Invisalign treatment process will be explained in detail. If you feel Invisalign is an option for you and wish to pursue treatment you will be scheduled with the doctor for a more thorough examination and record taking appointment*.

*This appointment is complimentary to you unless otherwise specified by the doctor.  Additional charges may include, current dental radiographs, necessary restorative treatment and any additional services that may be needed prior to the start of your Invisalign Treatment.