Sleep Apnea

Learn About Sleep Apnea In Foothill Ranch, CA 

Sleep apnea is difficult to diagnose and often goes unnoticed, but if you are experiencing short pauses in breath during sleep or daytime sleepiness, it’s important to get the medical attention you need. In our Foothill Ranch office, we review your medical history, complete a thorough dental exam, have patients complete an Epworth Sleep Test, and utilize 3D cone beam technology to assess your condition so that you can be on your way to effective treatment. 

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is characterized by short pauses in breathing while sleeping. These pauses are disruptive to sleep and often lead to tiredness and inattention during the day. Depending on the severity of a patient’s disorder, sufferers can stop breathing up to 30 times per each hour they are asleep. Fortunately, the disorder is common enough for researchers to create diagnostic treatment plans for patients.Sleep Apnea in Foothill Ranch

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Foothill Ranch

Following an at home sleep test, a board certified medical pulmonologist will review your results and make a diagnosis and treatment recommendation. If CPAP therapy is recommended, you will be referred to a medical doctor. If an oral sleep appliance is recommended, Lombardi Brothers Dental will schedule you for treatment.

At our Foothill Ranch office, we provide SomnoMed sleep appliances for slight to moderate sleep apnea cases. SomnoMed is a custom-made oral appliance to be worn while sleeping and works to create continuous airflow by moving the lower jaw forward. This action opens up the airway so that your breathing is never obstructed.

SomnoMed is the leading provider of continuous open airway therapy (COAT).

Below you can fill out the STOP-BANG Sleep Test and visit are Home Sleep Test provider NOVASOM.

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